When You're SO Committed To Staying Where You Are

The other day I was sitting on the couch watching Gilmore Girls reruns.

And simultaneously wasting time on my cell phone.

Because that’s what we all do now.

A quick Facebook scroll led me to a live stream of Tony Robbins imparting wisdom on a high level group of leaders.

Have you SEEN Tony do his thing?

I swear, I wasn’t even that into him until his documentary came out on Netflix.

Now I have a slight obsession.

Every time I watch one of Tony’s videos I LEARN ALL THE THINGS!!

And they inspire me so much to get off my lazy ass.

Until the other day.

You know, when he had to compete with Gilmore Girls.

I had to mute GG to be able to hear TR on my phone. (I know, tough life.)

But then my attention got pulled back towards GG, and even as it was on mute, I felt like I just HAD to see that scene with Luke and Lorelai.

By the way, I’ve probably seen this scene 5 times already.

And then, it happened:

I stopped playing the Tony video to unmute the Gilmore Girls rerun.

Now, on the surface, to the average person, this doesn’t sound like a big deal.

Actually, it sounds like something most people do every day.

But it’s a HUGE FREAKIN DEAL, and we need to talk about it.

I had the choice to listen to inspiring words from Tony that would help me change my life for the better, OR re-watching a scene of Gilmore Girls. And I sadly chose the latter.

What I did was prove that I am SO COMMITTED to staying where I am.

And I know I’m not the only one.

Most of us, as humans, are extremely committed to staying where we are.

The moment something comes our way that could solve a problem for us, or make our lives better, we immediately say, “eh, maybe some other time.”

Because accepting a solution means the big ugly C word….CHANGE.

And let’s be honest, we don’t want to change.

We want to keep eating french fries and cake.

We want to keep watching TV instead of going to the gym.

We want to stay home instead of move to Los Angeles.

We want to stay at this crappy job instead of find one that inspires us.

We want to keep doing things our own way instead of investing in a coach that gets us there faster.

And we want to watch that rerun of Gilmore Girls instead of learn something new that will change our life.

What are you currently committed to?

This whole staying-where-you-are thing doesn’t happen consciously, so you may have to dig deep for a second and get honest with yourself to answer that question.

If you’re not where you want to be with your dreams, what life, what career, what comforts are you committing to?

I know change is scary AF, and super uncomfortable.

But guess what’s on the other side?

Your. Dreams.

Starting today, I dare you to turn this around.

Instead of staying committed to where you are, I dare you to commit to your dreams.

I know you can do this.

I’m turning off the damn TV and watching some Tony.

What are you going to do?