Milestone Goals + Why They Are a MUST

When you're pursuing a dream that ends in a HUGE way, such as winning an Oscar, or Writing a Blockbuster, it's easy to get paralyzed by how big that dream is.

I am a really big fan of HUGE dreams. If your dream doesn't scare the crap out of you, then it just isn't big enough. And life is too short NOT to shoot for the stars. So dream BIG.

But the question is, how to get there?

See, our subconscious mind has a really tough time understanding something that it's not even close to seeing yet. 

So when we create goals based off of those HUGE dreams, our subconscious gets super confused and stops you in your tracks. 

You say, "I'm going to win an Oscar!"

And your subconscious is like, "A whaaa? You haven't even acted in one film yet! I don't see that happening. Nope. Nu-uh. No idea how to make that happen."

Then you get trapped in your daily actions. 

It's like stepping in quicksand. 

And it sucks because all you want is that big dream, but you're stuck where you are, and now you're sinking.

So how can you get around this?

The answer: Milestone Goals.

See, when we have these big dreams, we forget about all the exciting stuff that happens on the way. 

It's like taking a road trip from the East Coast to California. 

You reeeeeally want to get to your destination and live it up in California.

But then you get to the Grand Canyon.

And you have that silent moment, where you breathe a heavy sigh and say "Holy crap, this is incredible!"

Even though the Grand Canyon isn't the destination you're after, it's still a worthy stop on the way. 

You still get that slice of achievement. 

When you're pursuing that huge dream, there are many stops along the way that are going to feel JUST AS AMAZING as the final destination. Because you've never been there before.

Take a look at your BIG DREAM PATH. What needs to happen before you get to that big dream?

What milestones must you hit along the way?

Your subconscious can understand the next milestone because it's only slightly out of reach. It's not 10 steps ahead, it's about 2-3 steps ahead, and that is something the subconscious can get on board with. 

For example, if you want to win an Oscar, example Milestone Goals could be: getting into SAG-AFTRA, getting representation, getting your headshots taken, getting auditions for features, landing a small role on a feature, etc.

Once you figure out what your Milestone Goals are, pick the first one that has to happen, and then make THAT your goal. Focus on that, and nothing else, until you achieve it. 

Not only will this be FUN, and feel like an accomplishment, it helps your subconscious get on board. That way, you're not paralyzed in action. You're actually moving forward.

Focusing on these Milestone Goals will help you get to the final destination faster. 

And we forget how INCREDIBLE those Milestone Goals are going to feel. Because we've never done them before. 

So if your big dream is to win an Oscar, but you've never acted in a film before, when you get that small role in a film it will be SO EXCITING!

What Milestone Goals can you work towards now?