Joy: The Key To Success

Guest: Meg Haines

Success can be described in many different ways, depending on the person you ask. When defining success in one’s career, some may say it is the acquisition of wealth or recognition. But truthfully, there is no amount of money or recognition alone that can make you feel successful. Once you have acquired those things, you will need more and more, perpetuating the endless quest for deeper satisfaction and fulfillment. I believe that success is not about the attaining of things or opportunities, but the reward of living a life that is on purpose, that is meaningful, and that is filled with joy.

Joy, understand, is not just the feeling of “being happy”. Think of a moment you had while working in your craft; that moment of knowing “YES, This is It! This is what I’m mean to do!” That moment is joy, the experience of your own purpose, power, and potentiality as a creative being. You were given a gift that is yours; that, to quote the great Martha Graham, “because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.” Your life story, your passions, your perspective, your character, all of that must be honored. It is what separates you from everyone else in your field, therefore, you must do work that resonates with who YOU are and what brings YOU joy.

When you allow joy to be in charge of your career, you make decisions and choose projects that are not only more fulfilling and exciting to you. Your natural talent and ability shines through in a bigger way, because you are personally aligned with, and passionate about it. You see your work as fulfilling a greater desire and need in the world, and that feeling of purpose is something money can’t buy. The beautiful thing, however, is that when you honor your joy, the Universe gives you more to be joyful about. It magnifies and multiplies, giving you more recognition, more wealth, and more opportunities, so that you can continue to expand your work and share it in greater ways that are deeply meaningful to you.


Start by getting really clear on those moments of joy you’ve had throughout your career. What was the common thread between each of those moments?

What must your work include so that you feel deeply aligned with it?

What are you most passionate about? What is the bigger picture for you in terms of what you envision for your life’s work?

When making career decisions or choosing projects ask:

“Does this bring me closer to my joy? Do I feel joy when I think about this?”

Outside of your work, when do you feel the most joy? (aka: truth, connection, peace, purpose, trust, acceptance, love)

What kind of daily/ weekly rituals could you set aside time for that keep you consistently connected to your joy?

True success is a life well lived and loved.

Joy is the key to all of it.



Meg Haines is an intuitive life coach, healer, and spiritual teacher helping women to create a loving relationship with themselves, deepen their spiritual connection and share their gift authentically, so they can serve the world in the way they were always meant to. Her online membership community, The Soul Sisterhood, provides coaching, healing and support to women all over the world.