The Fastest Way to Leave Your Day Job and Pursue Your Hollywood Dream Full Time

When you’re still stuck in your day job, and a lot of time has passed, your dream begins to feel more distant.

The more distant your dream becomes, the less your subconscious understands how to get there.

And the less your subconscious understands, the less you take actions towards your dream.

And the less you take actions towards your dream, the longer you stay in your job.

It’s a vicious cycle and it’s easy to feel trapped.

But there is a way out.


Let’s say your dream was to run a marathon, but right now, you can hardly run 1 mile.

When you start training, you wouldn’t run an entire marathon on the first day.

Your body wouldn’t be prepared, and your mind can’t understand something so huge.

So what do you do?

You start out in smaller increments and work your way up.

Your mind can understand a stretch of a goal, like running 2 miles, easier than it can understand running a marathon.

It’s the same thing with your Hollywood dream.

When you’ve been in your day job for awhile, it’s easy for your big dream (say, winning an Oscar) to get pushed farther and farther away.

It becomes your marathon.

When it feels like a marathon and you haven’t run 1 mile, you make choices that keep you in your current, comfortable situation.

All you have to do to get out of that cycle is chunk it down. Find your “2 mile run”.

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But before you do any of that, you have to WANT it.

You have to find that spark again...that reason you moved to Los Angeles.

Maybe it’s already there but it’s a little dim. That’s OK. Life happens.

Now is the time to light it back up!

I know stepping outside your comfort zone is the hardest part.

If you’re feeling comfortable in your day job, you’ll have to get ready to be uncomfortable.

You know that’s where the magic happens. (I know you know this.)

But it’s easy to forget. It’s easy to get comfortable in the life you’ve created for yourself.

Even if it’s not the life you’ve dreamed of.

The life you’ve dreamed of can still happen, though.

You are capable of succeeding at even the most “impossible” dream.

But you have to give your subconscious a reason to get up and take the right actions.

A reason to eventually leave that day job.

That reason is your equivalent of the 2 mile run. As long as you focus on the big dream, you’ll continue to be stuck where you are. You can’t run a marathon tomorrow.

But you can totally do a smaller increment. And THAT your subconscious can get on board with.

So figure out what your 2 mile run would be, and start taking actions to make that happen.

If you have no idea what your 2 mile run would be, grab my Strategy Map where I’ll show you how to figure it out.

Six to twelve months from now, where do you want to be?

Focus on the increment instead of the big dream, and you'll be on your way to making your big dream your new life.