Are Your Hollywood Expectations Unrealistic?

When I tell people that I'm Hollywood's Success Coach, one of the first questions I often get is, "Oh, so you do a lot of managing expectations?"

And I've grown to really hate that phrase, "managing expectations."

It essentially means that I need to help you set more "realistic" goals and help you understand that your expectations may be out of control.

This. Is. Bullshit.

Here's why: I truly believe that you can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to.

And not in a fluffy, "You can do it!" kind of way.

In an actual, real life, results-to-prove-it kind of way.

When people ask if I'm managing your expectations, it's because of the limitations they see for what is possible in their own lives.

I see NO limitations.

I know that's a bold statement, and it triggers some people.

They want to fight me on this.

But what they are really doing, is fighting to keep their limitations.

Fighting to stay where they are...

Fighting to believe that they can't achieve their own dreams...

And that's fine for them.

But it's not acceptable for you.

I want you to believe that you can do anything.

I will never "manage" your expectations.

If anything, I'll challenge you to dream bigger.

There is proof all around us of people achieving HUGE dreams, even against all odds.

Why can't that happen for you?

There is no reason.