Ego in Hollywood

Ego is constantly getting in the way in Hollywood.

And I'm not talking about the divas in Us Weekly.

I'm talking about your Ego.

"But Erica, I don't have an Ego! I'm pretty chill."

I know, we all want to be breezy like Monica Geller when she leaves a message for Richard.

But we all have Ego, the kind with a capital E.

And we all have a Soul with a capital S.

And the two of them like to fight. A lot.

Actually, it's only the Ego doing the fighting. (The Soul isn't a fighter, it's a lover!)

And when that happens, it can ruin your career pursuit.

Our Ego is where fear, limiting beliefs, and judgement lies. Not only judgement of others, but of ourselves.

It's the voice that whispers, "You're never going to make it."

Or, "You're not good enough."

Or even, "Don't shine so bright."

As Spiritual Intelligence says, 

"The ego feels dissatisfied and insufficient, and constantly seeks satisfaction elsewhere, in the next experience, using this moment as a means to the next, and reacting to each moment from a state of lack."

It tells you to seek validation from others and the industry; that you're not qualified or worthy until someone else says you are.

The Soul on the other hand, is complete. 

It's the part of you that knows you're perfect as you are.

The part that knows you are already worthy of your dream.

The Soul is fulfilled, and the Ego will try to fight this frequently.

Robert Holden says, "The Ego is trying to become what the Soul already is."

"Consequently, the Soul does not seek satisfaction elsewhere, in the next experience, because the soul is already happy, and therefore does not use this moment as a means to the next. Instead of reacting from a state of lack, the Soul therefore responds in each moment from a state of pure fulfillment."

How is your Ego getting in the way as you pursue your Hollywood dream?

Imagine, for a moment, your career pursuit with your Soul being dominant instead of your Ego:

Never worrying what other people think...

Never worrying if you're good enough...

Never afraid to try new things...

Never being triggered by another person's words or actions...

Trusting that this is all working out for you...

Trusting that you are perfect as you are, and meant for your dreams..

Trusting that there is room for everyone.

Of course, it's difficult to always react from your Soul. Because that Ego puts up a really good fight.

But as you pursue your dreams, I challenge you to ask, "How would my Soul react to this?" Especially when it comes to setbacks, rejection, or other frustrations.

Your Soul doesn't need outside validation. It never operates from a place of lack.

In order to achieve your goals, you'll need to vibrate at a higher level than you currently are.

And any time your Ego is dominant, your vibration lowers.

While you're living in that lower vibration, you'll attract experiences and opportunities at that same low vibration.

Let your Soul shine through.

It will lead you to the success it knows already exists within you.

You are worthy, no matter what your Ego says.