Episode #104:

law of Attraction + Landing the Dreamiest Managers with Rebecca Spykerman


Law of Attraction + Landing The Dreamiest Managers with Rebecca Spykerman

Well, this was FUN! This episode, I'm chatting with one of my soul-sisters Rebecca Spykerman. Rebecca is a client who has experienced massive transformation in, not only her results, but also in how she pursues her Hollywood career.

Hear all about how she landed her dream management team, and how law of attraction made it all seamless and fun. If you've been curious about the law of attraction, or you've been wanting to understand how you can use it to pursue a career in Hollywood, then this episode is for you! It's also a great episode if you're interested in hearing how I work with clients.


Rebecca is on Instagram @r.spyke

Erica is on Instagram @hollywoodsuccesscoach