Episode #105:

How to Manifest A “Big” Dream + How I’m doing it with a multimillion dollar house


I began this episode by giving a special shout-out to Gabrielle Taryn (@gabrielletaryn), the talented singer who lent me her song for the new intro to this podcast!

This episode was soooo fun for me because talking about my dream home is my happy place. I hope it's enjoyable for you, too! 

I break down what manifestation is all about, how you can be intentional with it so you can manifest what you want, and why it feels different when you're trying to manifest something "big".

I share what I've been doing behind the scenes over the last few years to manifest my own "big" dream - a multimillion dollar house in the Hollywood Hills. 

I also give a shout-out to my favorite realtors in Los Angeles, the entire team at Ernie Carswell. You can check them out here. (They are not giving me anything to share this, I just really love them!)

This was a long episode, so I didn’t even get to talk about the development company I am obsessed with, ANR Signature. I shout them out on Instagram all the time, so they know I love them! If you want to check out their gorgeous homes (I’ve been to almost all of them), you can view them here. If you check out this page and scroll down to the video under “Outpost Estates,” you’ll see my favorite house!

If you are curious about manifestation, or about how to manifest something really "big," then this episode is for you.

If you're curious to hear how I've been doing it myself for my house dream, then you'll love this episode too!

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