Episode #109:

My 2 Biggest Failures + How To Approach Failure So It No Longer Holds You Back


On today's episode, I'm going deep. I'm sharing two really impactful failures/rejections in my career. It's still a bit triggering to relive them, but I wanted to share how they impacted me, and what I chose to do with them in relation to moving forward.

Failure is something we need to normalize. The fear of it can be so paralyzing that it stops you from taking risks or actions, and therefore, never realizing your dreams.

If you are terrified to take a leap, if you're afraid of failing, if you're afraid what others will think of you if you "fail", then this episode is for you!

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I also mention the first self development book I ever read that had a big impact on my career: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

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