Ugh, rules, really?

Yes, really. That's what raising your standards is all about. These rules are so important in maintaining a positive, supportive group. you'll notice your mindset begin to shift once you hang out in this group for 20-30 days. 

that's when the magic happens.

1. No Promotions

I know, all you want to do is tell everyone about your project to try to get people paying your Kickstarter or buying tickets. But the moment promotion is allowed, everyone will get promotion-happy, and all you'll see when you scroll is promo, promo, promo.

Nobody wants that, especially when this group's main purpose is intended to create community.

So, the only time you can post any promotions is in the designated thread "PROMO THURSDAY".

Promotion (that is not allowed) includes:

Any links to your website, your project, etc.

Selling anything

Promoting your project

I may break my own rules at times, when I feel it will serve the community. I reserve that right as the creator of this group.

2. No videos

Do not post videos of any kind - intro videos, live streaming into the group, or videos of your work.

Even if you feel it would serve the group, I have to go through every video, and that's not the best use of my time.

Use your words instead. You can do it!

3. No requests to PM

If you have something helpful to share with someone, don't do it privately in a private message. Please share it publicly with the group so everyone can appreciate it.

Remember, this is a supportive community. This isn't a sales directory.

This is also a powerful way to practice the art of building relationships. Let go of the "networking" notion where you meet someone for 5 seconds and expect them to do you favors. This industry is built on relationships, and relationships begin with a GIVE attitude, not a TAKE attitude.

4. Don't be a jerk

I can't say it enough, this is a SUPPORTIVE community.

Think: rainbows and butterflies.

Hate, judgement, nasty comments, anything negative in nature, is NOT tolerated.

If you break this rule, you'll be deleted. No second chances.

5. Support people

This ride of pursuing your Hollywood career is an emotional roller coaster. Some days you'll feel great! Some days you'll feel like crap. This is your chance to get support, and to support others. 

It's also an opportunity to support people's dreams. The more positive energy we collectively put into these dreams, the more success we will find.

If you're feeling that competitive nerve when someone posts about their win, resist the urge to go down that negative hole. Support the person and know that if they can do it, it's proof that you can do it, too.