season 1 premiere oct. 15, 2018


Season 1 // Episode 109

My 2 Biggest Failures + How To Approach Failure So It No Longer Holds You Back


Season 1 // Episode 108

One Year In LA - A Client's Journey With Jason Ponder


Season 1 // Episode 107

From Broke to Wealthy: How to Stop Struggling Financially


Season 1 // Episode 106

Transform your health for an optimal career with fitness expert + Lifestyle Coach Brittney Carbone


Season 1 // Episode 105:

How to Manifest a “Big” Dream + How I’m Doing it For A Multimillion Dollar House


Season 1 // Episode 104:

Law of Attraction + Landing the Dreamiest Managers with Rebecca Spykerman

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season 1 // episode 103:

How to get to the next level of your career


season 1 // episode 102:

Upleveling with actress and
Booking Magnet Christine Horn


season 1 // Episode 101:

How To Be More Strategic In Your Hollywood Career


#77: New Podcast Premiering October 15!

#76: How to have a positive experience in Hollywood

#75: What is Hollywood Success Coaching?

#74: How To Take Action To Get The Fastest Results

#73: Do you want it badly enough?

#72: More money now: 3 tools to help you end your struggle with money

#71: Is it impossible to make it in Hollywood?

#70: Why You need a super clear vision (and p.s. yours probably isn't clear enough)

#69: The only way to make your dreams happen

#68: What to do when your circumstances suck

#67: What the hell happened to Erica??

#66: How To Pitch and Sell Scripts with Jonny Umansky and Zach Hyatt


#64: Voiceover Acting With Producer Kate McClanaghan

#63: What Happens When You Let Go

#62: Why Baby Steps Aren't Just for Babies

#61: How to Shift from your Day Job to your Hollywood Dream Job

#60: What happens when you start to find success

#59: Writing scripts for Hollywood with Ubah Mohamed

#58: How to bring your dream out of your future and into your present

#57: The final exam before you're allowed to achieve your dream