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your dream your light your hollywood

The ultimate program for succeeding in Hollywood. If you’re struggling to get auditions and meetings; if you feel like you don’t have the right connections; if doors aren’t opening; if you’re tired of waiting for a “yes” that seems to never come, this program will completely transform all of that for you!

The Netflix deals, the union paychecks, being able to quit your day job, and the best part — finally having something to write home about — is 100% within your reach. YDYLYH shows you HOW.

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Private coaching

Want one-on-one access to Erica? Private coaching is a great way to get tailored support and strategic help. This is for the self-starter (who does not need hand-holding) who is fully committed to taking their career to the next level. Erica has worked with countless creatives (actor, director, writer, makeup artist, singer, music supervisor, set pa, etc.) and opens up spots in her coaching program a few times a year.


Hollywood Success Live

Our live event in Los Angeles is the BEST event in Hollywood! It’s the only place that encourages you to dream as big as you possibly can and then shows you HOW to make those dreams happen.

Our last event took place in September, 2019. Our next event will be sometime in 2020. Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when we release the date!