what to focus on in stage 3

Stage 3 is all about making your dream job your full-time job. This stage can take the longest out of all the stages, but it's one of the best stages, if you ask me!  The Dream is where you get serious about your ambition and start making a true living at what you love to do. It's important that you focus on your dream in order to make this a reality.

• Create an actual plan to leave your day job

Figure out what is holding you back from true success

Master your mindset and stop relying on a "lucky break"

• Hyper-focus on the specific dream you want

Merge your current life with your dream life

What you can expect to feel in Stage 3

Chances are, you'll feel at least one of these emotions as you move through Stage 3:

  • Feeling super proud and confident when you're actually working—pure elation when someone says, "What are you working on these days?" and you have an answer!
  • Feeling stuck, like the really "big break" you need is never going to happen
  • Feeling trapped in your day job, and really itching to quit
  • Contemplating moving up in your day job because your dream job doesn't seem to be happening
  • Tired of waiting, and constantly asking, "WHEN will my time come??"
  • Gratitude for at least being "in" your dream industry