what to focus on in stage 4

In Stage 4, you're working steadily in your dream field, and no longer need a second income (like a day job) to support yourself. This stage is a two-parter: the first part is incredible—you've finally "made it!". The second part is where you start thinking bigger, and new dreams are born. Here is what to focus on:

• Making sure you don't get too comfortable

• Up-leveling your career, your life, your relationships

• Dream projects

What brings you the most joy?

WHAT you can expect to feel IN STAGE 4

Chances are, you'll feel at least one of these emotions as you move through Stage 4:

  • Feeling UH-mazing - you're finally comfortable in life, making decent money, actually DOING your dream job, finally being able to say, "Yeah, this is what I do for a living!"
  • Getting comfortable in the day-to-day of this being real, and no longer just a dream
  • Feeling like LA is home, no longer feeling anxiety about life here
  • Starting to make plans for the future: up-leveling your living space, your furniture, your relationships, etc.
  • Feeling settled, and itching to burst out of that and pursue a new dream or bigger project in your dream field
  • Having that moment of, "Ok, I'm finally here. Now what?"