It's your turn
to shine

success coach


You know you are meant for greatness.

You have a passion inside of you. It lights you up so much, that you don't ever want a "Plan B".

You're ready to have the dream career you deserve, and you're tired of waiting.

Hollywood's Leading Success Coach,
Erica Wernick


success coaching

If I could wave a magic wand and you could have your dream career right now, what would you be doing?

How would it feel to finally be living your dreams every day?

I believe your dream career is much more attainable than you've been told.

I believe that you deserve to achieve even the most "unreachable" dreams.

And I believe it doesn't have to take a million years to make it happen.


You deserve everything you want. 

So stop waiting for things to happen,

and take action now.


Mindset + Strategy


My Hollywood Success Coaching focuses on two components: mindset + strategy. Through my 8 years working in television, I've learned that you can't get anywhere without strategy, and you can't follow through with that strategy successfully without a high-achieving mindset.

Mindset + Strategy are equally important, despite the fact that no one wants to learn "mindset." Everyone wants Strategy—tangible actions to take. The problem is, people implement that strategy and then wonder, "WTF?? Why isn't this working?"

I'm all about coaching that works. That's why I make sure you have a rock-solid, high-achieving mindset in addition to the personalized strategy. No one's mindset is holding them back and f*$king up their career under my watch!


Stage 2 Breakthrough

You're in LA. You're doing the Day Job thing. It's time to make those Hollywood dreams actually happen.

If you're feeling stuck in Stage 2 and you're desperately wishing and hoping you could move on to Stage 3, you're not alone. (BTW - If you have no idea what stage you're in, take the quiz here.)

It's extremely common to feel stuck in this stage, but it's also the most dangerous stage to get stuck in. Because the longer you're in Stage 2, the less likely you are to make it in Hollywood.

If you're struggling to get your first big job in the industry, or you feel like you have no time to work on your dream because your day job is sucking up all of your time, my 6-week Stage 2 Breakthrough is your McDreamy.


Stage 3 Makeover

you've been working in your hollywood career on and off. it's not consistent, but you've worked enough to get a taste of pure heaven (a.k.a. getting paychecks for your talent!). it's time to make this your full time job, so you can say "bye, felicia!" to that pesky day job(s).

There are two things at play here that are blocking you from making your Hollywood dream your full time income: Mindset + Strategy.

When you don't have the proper High Achieving Mindset, you're essentially doomed. But don't freak out, because it's totally something you can learn. It simply requires a few tweaks in the way you approach your career.

And they say that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. So why do you keep using the same old tired strategies, when they aren't getting you to where you dream of being?

You're not insane. You just need a complete Stage 3 Makeover.


The inner circle

the best group program in hollywood*

*OK, I'm a little biased. But this is essentially the only group program in Hollywood that isn't just for actors, so that makes it pretty darn good. This 6 month program combines group coaching with major accountability so you can start seeing things happen in your career. You don't have to go through this journey alone—in fact, you shouldn't do it that way. When you approach your career on your own, you get stuck in your own head and your limited strategies. The Inner Circle provides objective input and guided actions each week, to help you achieve big things in a short amount of time.