The Universal Final Exam

Big dreams require big leaps.

And those big leaps can be f*$king scary.

So scary, that most people refuse to take them.

They talk about it ALL. THE. TIME.

But when it comes to actually following through, they're suddenly "too busy."

And become SO good at coming up with excuses, they could major in it. 

Do you feel like that's you?

Do you feel like you could major in Excuses and graduate Summa Cum Laude?

You might not even realize it.

Because of the Universal Final Exam (since I've already started with that whole school analogy!).

When you're about to take the leap for something HUGE...when you've managed to get yourself up to the ledge, and you're standing there looking down...

That's when the Universe smacks you in the face with a final exam.

The Universe sees that you're ready.

Or that you at least THINK you're ready.

And it wants to make sure.

Actually, what the universe really wants to do is keep you where you are. 

Ok, wait. That's not true. But that's how it feels.

If we're being honest here, the universe wants you to succeed.

It wants you achieve all of your wildest dreams. And it wants to help you get there.

But sometimes, it has to test you.

And that test is going to dangle comfort in your face.

It's going to present an opportunity to you to tempt you to stay exactly where you are.

Something to prevent you from taking the leap.

And most of the time, YOU have complete control.

You have the control to say NO to this thing. You have to control to say NO to whatever is keeping you comfortable; to whatever is pulling you away from that ledge.

But the reality is, most people fail this final exam.

Because staying where you are is REALLY tempting.

I mean, who doesn't love being comfortable?

That ledge was looking mighty scary. It seems sensible to be pulled away from it.

This Universal Final Exam has many different forms. It can look like:

  • A new job offer
  • A party or social event you can't miss
  • A health issue
  • A family issue
  • A wedding, or holiday celebration
  • A job promotion
  • A possible opportunity

Or it could even just be your fear. Without the need for a big event.

Whatever it is, the universe will put one of these in front of you RIGHT before you take the action required to leap.

It's going to say, "Are you sure you want to do this? How about this shiny object over here?"

When this happens, there is no wrong answer.

You can accept the Universal Final Exam, or you can reject it.

It's completely up to you.

But be aware of this: you will never be "ready" to take a leap.

You won't be more ready later.

It won't feel less scary later.

If you accept one of these final exams, they will continue to come up.

Maybe this time it's a job offer. But next time it will be a wedding. And the time after that, it will be a relationship.

Before you know it, years pass and you still haven't taken that leap that you know you need to do because it's so deep down in your heart.

If this is something you REALLY want—something you know you're meant to do—then take the damn leap.

As Ray Bradbury says, "Take the leap and build your wings on the way down."

That's how you learn. And grow. And become a more interesting, fulfilled human being.

Or you can keep accepting those temptations.

It's your call.