Success in Hollywood: Don't Believe Everything You Read

"Hollywood Success is Nearly Impossible" — kill. me. now. (After 26 television shows, I'm allowed to make that comment.)

Yes, it may be difficult to make it in Hollywood. But that’s not specific to Hollywood. It’s specific to any Big Dream anyone has ever gone after.

Big Dreams (yes, capitalized, they are proper nouns in my book), have pretty standard requirements: 1) Drive 2) Dedication 3) Skill 4) Persistence.

You know this. We all know this.

It’s standard for every Big Dream that ever existed, regardless of industry.

So why must Hollywood (or all the articles on Google) choose to make it a soul-crushing experience? Why must they make us feel bad about the decision to pursue this Hollywood-specific dream?

I Googled, “How to become successful in Hollywood” and OH. MY. GOD.

It's so painful. So many articles about how hard it is to make it in Hollywood, and how gritty it's going to be.

Comments on the articles saying, "If you can do something else and be happy, as the saying goes, then do it." (Meaning, don't try Hollywood, it's too difficult.)

I read one sentence that said: [about people who move to L.A.]
“...most return a few years later, hardened, cynical and full of war stories.”

The moment I read these statements, I RUSHED to my trusty Google Docs (where I write all my blog posts, obvi). Something inside me was screaming, “SAVE THESE PEOPLE!!!”

While I know “saving” you is quite a dramatic plea, I feel it is my duty to at least educate you on the BEAUTY of pursuing a dream in Hollywood, and why you MUST pursue it now.

And, to be quite honest, I hesitate to write these words. Because I’m going against the grain. Big Time. Capital B, Capital T.

I’m going against every article you’ve ever read about Hollywood.

Hell, I’m going against the people that actually told me, “Don’t pursue this. Get out while you can.” (I clearly remember that conversation on my very first show, “Trust Me” on TNT.)

It’s scary to do this. Scary AF. Even my colleagues in Hollywood may disagree with me.

But I feel it’s more important to share this message with you than worry about my own fears (False Evidence Appearing Real…).

So, here goes:

Going after your Big Dream is one of the most GLORIOUS THINGS YOU COULD EVER DO WITH YOUR LIFE.

From the moment of conception to the destination of living the Big Dream, the journey is the MOST enriching activity you’ll ever take part in.

It’s so much more than doing something that other people deem “difficult”.

It’s about doing something that you can’t NOT do.

Because it’s in your heart. And you don’t want to think about doing anything else.

It’s about learning SO MUCH about who you are as a person and what you are capable of.

It’s about feeling fulfilled in a way you never imagined, and in a way most people will never feel.

It’s about serving others with your talents, and how GOOD that feels.

It’s about living your soul’s purpose.

It’s about the emotional roller coaster and the friendships that keep you going along the way.

It’s about becoming the BEST version of yourself, and therefore, the most talented version of yourself.

It’s about living life.

Will you have struggles? Probably. I hope so.

Because no great storyteller (or human being) becomes great without struggles.

As Tony Robbins says (yep, I went there!), struggle ignites DRIVE.

And Drive is the MOST important ingredient when pursuing a Big Dream.

So, for a moment, forget about all the tales you’ve been told.

Forget about the headshots, and the reels, and the connections, and the L-U-C-K (don’t even get me started on that one).

For this moment, instead, focus on the BEAUTY of pursuing your Big Dream.

My favorite mentor Jack Canfield says,

“You’re not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it.”

(He said that on Super Soul Sunday, so you KNOW it’s gold!)

Let me emphasize, in case you missed it.

YOU HAVE THE CAPACITY TO FULFILL IT. (No matter what the crap on the internet says.)

This Big Dream you have? It’s yours.

Go get it.

Hollywood will only "chew you up and spit you out" if that's the story you choose to believe. 

So write a different story.

Because Hollywood can easily become your greatest love.

Remember, YOU are the creator of your own experiences.

You don't need to live out other people's opinions of what your experiences will be like.

Even if they're experts.

The only expert on your life is YOU.

So pursue your Big Dream, and make it the most positive, genuine, enriching experience of your life.

You deserve it.