How Your Netflix Library Reflects Your Career

It hasn't been THAT long since the days of Blockbuster, but it still feels hard to remember life without Netflix.

"I feel like I've known you my whole life! You're everything I've ever hoped for!"

Netflix has become the Binge Watcher's dream.

I mean, it has SO MUCH content!

But I bet you don't even SEE most of it.

Because Netflix does this thing, where it takes note of what you watch so it can show you more of what you like.

So your library of recommendations consists of specific titles that match the type of content you've been watching.

Netflix says, "We see what you've been putting out there, and we're going to give you more of it."

Which is amazing. It's tailored to us!

But it means that my library of recs is going to look drastically different than yours. 

Have you ever logged into a friend's Netflix account?

It's like walking into someone else's closet. 

You suddenly see all these titles that you don't see in your account. 

I'm going to be brave and vulnerable for a minute and show you a glimpse into MY account, so I can illustrate this point *don't judge me*:


I mean, these titles scream "ERICA".

And I bet your Netflix looks pretty darn different.

Now, I know I'm getting a bit carried away with this metaphor, but I wanted to make sure I painted a clear picture so you understand what I'm about to say...

The Universe will give you more of what you put out there.

Just like Netflix, the Universe sees what you're doing and what you're thinking, and says, "OK, you got it! I'll give you more just like this!"

All of the results you've been seeing in your career directly relate to what you've been putting out into the Universe.

If you're wishy washy about your actions, the Universe says, "OK, you got it! I'll give you wishy washy results!"

If you're inconsistent in your actions, the Universe says, "OK, you got it! I'll give you inconsistent results!"

If you're not getting the results you want in your career, do this quick exercise:

  1. Write down adjectives or phrases that describe the results you're getting - honestly jot down what these results are like
  2. Next, see how those adjectives or phrases relate to your actions and thoughts. 

For example, let's say you jot down that your results are "nothing really happening".

Then compare that to your actions. Are you not really taking action every day?

If you are taking consistent action every single day, what are your dominant thoughts? Because those go out to the Universe too.

Are your dominant thoughts, "Nothing is happening, I'm never going to succeed at this"?

Just like my Netflix recommendations looking drastically different than yours, you're never going to experience anything different if you don't change what you're putting out there.

In order for me to start seeing drastically different titles in my Netflix account, I'm going to have to watch something other than a romantic comedy. My actions and thoughts have to change, in order to get back something different.

What are you putting out there?

What can you do differently?

If you're not sure, start simple:

Acknowledge the next negative thought that pops in your head, and stop it in it's tracks.

"Ugh, I'm not getting anywhere in my----" STOP!!!!


Replace with something better, something you desire (but put it in the present tense).

"I'm kicking ass in my career! The perfect jobs are currently on their way to me, and I'm so excited to be living my dream!"

Ok, maybe that's not quite starting "simple". It may feel a little weird if you've never done this before.

But simply becoming aware of what you're putting out there is an amazing first step.

It's where change starts to happen.

So get ready for the best career ever, because it's coming.

And I wouldn't be surprised if your Netflix recs change, too.